Chicken Liver Mousse, Pickled Apricots and Mustard Seeds, Rusks


Seasonal Soup with Garnish




Platter of artisanal charcuterie                                                                      +13 / +23 

+13 / +23 

Main Courses

Braised Pork, Blackcurrant Juice from Cassis Monna & Filles, Turnip Strips, Quebec Parsnips, Tarragon



Oven-Baked Salmon, Squash Purée, Carrot Juice with Yuzu, Baby Kale, Roasted Sunflower Seeds


Mushroom Ravioli, Shiitakes, Roasted Hazelnuts, Parmigiano, Hazelnut Butter, Arugula


Cremy's bakery Sweet of the day


Quebec cheese platter                                                                                           + PM

+ PM

Drinks and alcohol not included.

Each evening of event, Le Balcon offers a delicious table d'hôte menu designed by its culinary creators. The meal is served before the show. Maximum arrival time is 7:00 pm.

The table d'hôte, which is prepared on site, includes two choices of appetizer and three choices of main course - a divine fish dish, a tender and tasty meat dish and a surprising vegetarian pasta with Italian flavors - as well as a sweet treat prepared by pâtisserie Crémy.

Marble Surface

For only $60 more on your ticket (taxes and gratuities included), the addition of the meal plan is a must for the ultimate experience at Le Balcon. 


Get the best seats, a personalized service, check your coat for free, service, enjoy a direct access to the dance floor, a proximity with our artists and much more.

Le Balcon also offers discounts for groups. Ask our team for more information. An option is available for vegetarians and GLUTEN intolerant people. Just mention it when you make your reservation.

Bon appétit !