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  • Are the kinds of concerts presented at Le Balcon the same as before the pandemic?
    Rest assured that Le Balcon's spectacular and high caliber quality remains! The 2021-2022 season will showcase the phenomenal talents of our local artists, and will celebrate the return of a selection of international musicians, after months of border closures. These concerts also come in a variety of genres, including Soul, Gospel, Motown, Disco, R&B, Cabaret Jazz, Harlem Swing, Cuban and Flamenco.
  • Are we allowed to dance during the show?
    The dancefloor is temporarily closed but you will be able to dance right next to your table. As of March 4, it will be possible to dance next to your table with your mask on. As of March 14, the dancefloor will reopen.
  • What if I'm showing symptoms on my arrival at Le Balcon?
    If you are experiencing symptoms, it is your responsibility not to come to Le Balcon.
  • Is wearing a mask mandatory during the show?
    It is mandatory to wear a procedural mask (dispoable mask) when circulating in all areas of Le Balcon. Once seated, masks may be removed for the duration of the concert. Cloth masks and other types of face coverings will not be permitted inside the venue.
  • Do staff need to wear masks?
    Yes, staff members must wear a mask at all times.
  • Are the bathrooms open for use?
    Bathrooms are open for use during shows. They are cleaned and disinfected between each performance.
  • Is it possible to purchase tickets on the evening of the show?
    Yes, an employee is available at the box office before each show. We will only accept payment by card. In view of the reduced number of seats available in the hall, it is recommended that you reserve tickets as early as possible: Online / ticketmaster By Phone 514-528-9766, option 01-888-528-9766 Monday to Friday from 10am to 4am
  • What if I begin showing symptoms the day of the concert and therefore can no longer attend?
    The exchange policy is now considerably more flexible to enable postponing your visit to Le Balcon when necessary (symptoms, misgivings, etc.): if you are unable to attend the show, the cost of your ticket will be credited toward any other concert produced by Le Balcon that you wish to attend during the 2021–2022 season. Exchange requests are accepted until noon, the day of the show.
  • Do you have further questions?
    You may write to us at or call 514-528-9766, option 0.
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